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With 14 years of success from National City's Lollicup, owners Cherry & Lee Reyes look to build upon Conching's famous Filipino recipes at Halo Halo Cafe.

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Good filipino food. Try their crispy pata, better than goldilocks. Sinigang and palabok are good too. Crispy tokwa't baboy the best. Serving is also generous.



Very nice place to go on a hot day to order a Halo Halo. Which is a Filipino cold desert that has alot of traditional sweet topping plus a scoop of Filipino ice cream flavors. Such as Ube, Macapuno and other flavors made of fruits native to the Philippines. They also serve all the traditional dishes like Pancit, Sisig, Tapsilog, and more. Good place for take out and if you phone in your order ahead of time, the wait time is very short.

-Lindsey G.


Bringing the food home and eating it still has the same flavor. The food authentic as if Lola cooked it. Prices right and flavor as if you were eating at an outside café in the Philippines

-Robert C.


Great place to get your Filipino Food. Every dish is wonderful. The Crispy Sisig is the best here and tried everywhere else but this is the go to. The Beef Mechado and Tapa are exceptional. Always say yes to Yellow Rice.

-Francis R.

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